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Quentin Elias

Quentin Elias (born 10 May 1980) is a singer, actor, and model. Originally from France, of Algerian origin, he was the former lead singer for French boy band Alliage from 1996 to 1999. After his departure from the group, he relocated to New York City where he currently resides.

Early life

Elias was born in the small commune of Mende, Lozère, France (although some sources dispute this and cite Marseilles as his place of birth) of Algerian parents. After attending some of his sister's dance classes, Elias became interested in performing and was enrolled in classes where he studied tap, ballet and modern jazz. He also participated and competed in kick-boxing. Elias ran away from home after his father died in a car accident. and at age 15, Elias relocated to Paris, where he worked odd jobs while auditioning for singing or dancing gigs.

Musical career


In 1996, he auditioned and was selected as a member of Alliage and becoming its lead singer. Alliage recorded two albums, Alliage, l'album in 1997 and Musics in 1998. The group had many singles including six singles that charted in the French Top 5; Alliage also toured internationally, having additional success in other countries. Alliage had a four-year run from 1996 to 2000, although Elias left the band in 1999 in order to pursue a solo career.

Solo career

Starting from 1999, after having left Alliage, Quentin Elias pursued a solo musical career. He later relocated to New York City and began working with music producers such as Ernie Lake and Junior Vasquez. Shortly after the 9-11 attacks Elias was introduced to producer Nile Rodgers by publicist Catherine P. Saxton who invited Elias to perform with several celebrities on a charitable single cover of Sister Sledge's "We Are Family" with Rodgers and Spike Lee. According to an interview with HX Magazine, Elias claims he had a dispute with superstar singer Diana Ross during song rehearsals in which he pulled on her hair during a recording session.
He relocated to New York in 2002 and released the single "Always the Last to Say Goodbye". He also performed at local gay venues and events such as Splash Bar, and Tom of Finland events.
Besides performing some original songs, Elias has recorded some covers, like Madonna's song "Holiday",and "Shattered Dreams" by British pop group Johnny Hates Jazz. Continuing to perform and record, Elias released a maxi single "Serve It Up" in 2005 and a solo album “What If I?” In September 2005, he started his own corporation Quentin Elias Music, Inc..


Elias has appeared in two episodes of the television series Sex Chronicles.. He was also one of the featured subjects in the 2010 documentary The Adonis Factor alongside models Clint Catalyst, Anderson Davis, Dakota Rivers, Christopher Saint and writer/actor Bruce Vilanch.
Elias made his theater debut starring in the role of Joe Kirwood in a production of "The Boulevard" which had a limited run at a West Hollywood theater during the spring of 2010.
In 2010, he played roles of vampire / Satroi in The Brides of Sodom, followed by small role in the 2011 low-budget film comedy College Debts. He has a small role as the cell mate of Bernie Madoff in the low-budget film Madoff: Made Off with America.


In September 2007, Elias appeared in an episode of MTV's, My Super Sweet 16 hired to perform at a Sweet Sixteen birthday event.


Elias has modeled for several fashion designers such as Armani and Jean Paul Gaultier. In 2008 he released his first calendar. Elias has also served as a model for a manufacturer of gay leather gear based in New York City. In 2011, he appeared on the cover of the gay magazine PULP with a feature article and interview inside.


In 2008, Elias (using the pseudonym of "Q") appeared on the pornography site "Randy Blue," performing as a solo model in pornographic videos. Elias stated, "I have done so much in my career, this adult video is one more thing I have done in my career, it came to me at a point in my life when I felt very sexual and felt the need to express myself through sex."

Personal life

In order to maintain his physique, Elias exercises regularly, avoids drugs, and denies rumors that he uses steroids. He also has dispelled rumors that he has cosmetically enhanced his lips, stating that they are natural. Elias allegedly claims that he is a good friend of Madonna, and claimed in a magazine interview that he has her number stored in his cell phone.


With Alliage

1997 – "Alliage, l'album"
1998 – "Musics"


2006 – What If I?
2008 – What If I? (Deluxe Version)
2010 – Love Confusion: The Singles
2010 – Quentin Elias: Remixed (remixes by Flash Sanchez)



2008 – "Fever (DJ Version)" EP
2008 – "Kama Sutra (DJ Version)" EP
2008 – "Electrofied EP"
2009 – "Shattered Dreams" EP[40]
2011 – "Baïla (Re Invented)" EP
2011 – "I Can Do Bad All By Myself" EP[41]


With Alliage

1996 – "Baïla"
1997 – "Lucy"
1997 – "Le temps qui court"
1997 – "Te garder près de moi" (with Boyzone)
1998 – "Je sais"
1998 – "Cruel Summer" (with Ace of Base)
1998 – "Je l'aime à mourir"
1999 – "My Heart Goes Boom"
2000 – "Ce soir"


1999 – "Laisse aller la musique"
2002 – "Always The Last To Say Goodbye" (Maxi Single)
2006 – "Serve It Up" (Maxi Single)
2008 – "Always The Last To Say Goodbye 2008 (Flash's Love Confusion Mix)"
2009 – "Shattered Dreams"
2009 – "Take Off"
2009 – "Casanova"
2009 – "For You"
2010 – "I Want Your Love"
2010 – "So Far"
2010 – "Give Me Some More" (Flash Sanchez feat. Quentin Elias)[42]
2011 – "Cruel Summer (Flash Sanchez For The Boyz Drum and Synth Remix)"
2011 – "Cruel Summer (Alternate Dalyx Club Remix)"
2011 – "Rolling in the Deep"

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